GNU Health

Since 2008, health care and hospitals are using GNU Health by Luis Falcon for health promotion and disease   prevention in rural areas. Primarily known as Medical, it has now evolved into a Health and Hospital Information System with a multi-disciplinary international team. GNU Solidario, a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) , runs the project GNU Health . It works and brought about radical changes in the areas of health and education with the help of free softwares.

Its modular design can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios, be it small private offices or national public health systems. It covers the functionality of Hospital Management, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and Health Information System (HIS).

GNU Health banks upon a growing, committed and friendly international community that brings the best from the biological, social, medical and computer science fields. Our unbridled enthusiasm and passion to make health and health informatics a non-negotiable right for every human can be attributed to noticeable success of GNU Health.

GNU Health Management software is an open source Health and Hospital Information System that provides the following functionality:

GNU Health uses a modular approach around the kernel, with different functionality that can be included to meet the health center’s needs. The current modules are:

The Core Module

GNU Health comprises of different modules which will give specific functionality to your health center. The module health is at the center of GNU Health. This module has the core models and classes, so the rest of the modules will just inherit them. This is how modularity and scalability is achieved without leaving behind the most prominent building blocks in public health. Some of the models found in the core module are:



GNU Health modular design

  • Individuals
  • Domiciliary Units
  • Operational Sectors
  • Patient
  • Families
  • Treatments
  • Medicaments
  • Health Centers
  • Diseases
  • Patient Evaluation / Encounters

However, core module contains many other models, but this subset helps you understand the concept like none other. If you are not a programmer, you need not to be vexed on account of how GNU Health deals internally with inter-module communication and dependencies. For instance, if you wish to install the pediatrics module health_pediatrics , the core module health will be automatically marked for installation, as a dependency.

To learn more about GNU Health modules, please refer to the Modules chapter.

In this documentation, we will cover the functionality of the core module first before exploring the possibilities of the other modules.