April 29, 2016

odoo ERP for Healthcare and Hospitals

Department Applications/Features Description
CRM ·       Lead Management

·       Opportunities Management

·       Phone Calls

·       Meetings

·       Customer Claims

·       Helpdesk & Support

·       Reports & Analysis

Track Leads, Close Opportunities and Get Accurate Forecasts. Satisfy your customer with various value support
Hospital ·       Patient & Doctors

·       Appointment

·       Visitors

·       Hospitalization

·       Medical Procedures

·       Prescription

·       Laboratory

Full process management from Patient Registration, appointment, prescription, laboratory, hospitalization to billing & payment.


Procurement ·       Call for Bids

·       Request for Quotations

·       Purchase Orders

·       Product Master

·       Address Book

·       Automatic Procurements

·       Procurement Dashboard

·       Reports & Analysis

Manage your supplier tenders from notification to closure date with approvals, documentation and analysis.

Purchase orders to suppliers

Manage Products and supplier master

Reports & Analysis

Warehouse ·       Stock Management

·       Receive/Deliver Products

·       Internal Movement of Stocks

·       Multiple Location/Warehouse

·       Inventory Valuation

·       Inventory Analysis

Track stocks of partners, full traceability & accounting links. Supports multiple locations management based on hierarchical locational structure. Manage your own internal locations, external locations, customers, suppliers or manufacturing inventories.
Human Resources ·       Employee Register

·       Employee Contracts

·       Leave Management

·       Attendance Management

·       Timesheets

·       Employee Appraisals

·       Recruitment

·       Expenses

·       Payroll

Manage the most important asset in your company: “People”. With our module for personnel information management, leave, time tracking, attendance‚ expenses, payroll, periodic evaluations and recruitment.
Accounting & Finance ·       Invoicing

·       Payments

·       General Ledger

·       Accounts Receivable

·       Accounts Payables

·       Taxation

·       Legal & Financial reports

·       Asset Management

·       Chart of Accounts

·       Multi-Currency

·       Analytic Accounting

Address financial accounting and budgeting, asset management, costing, cash and credit management as well as reporting and analysis. Meet the current and future financial requirements while offering you a global view of your financial performance across your entire enterprise.


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