September 19, 2015

Why Apagen

Why odoo/openerp is an ERP of choice?

  • Zero license costs of using odoo/openerp
  • Ultimate flexibility in odoo/openerp – No “blackbox” package
  • No vendor lock-in – Using standard data formats and protocols
  • Less risk – Future of system not tied to one company
  • Extensibility
  • Unlimited user support
  • Powerful object level user rights in odoo/openerp
  • User Friendly
  • odoo/openerp is Scalable
  • Start playing with our odoo demo data and be ready to work!
  • Controls all your innovating processes


Why Odoo/openerp is different from other ERP solutions?

• It is open source: Odoo/openerp S.A., editor of Odoo, is committed to open source and publishes the software under the AGPL license.

• Completeness: the functional scope of Odoo/openerp includes sales, CRM, project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, finances and accounting, human resources, and more. More than 1000 modules are available, some published by the community, some certified by Odoo/openerp S.A.

• Modularity: An Odoo/openerp application is made of modules. A customer can start on a limited functional scope with only a few modules, and extend the application later to integrate additional business workflows or cope with the growth of the company.

• Flexibility: Odoo/openerp is designed to make it easy to customize all the aspects of the application: modify and extend the data model, the views, the workflows, the reports, the security model, to extend it and/or adapt it to the specificity of each company.

• It is affordable: the absence of license fees makes Odoo/openerp very affordable. Without the huge license costs, the budget of Odoo/openerp implementation can be focused on customizations and use training.

Why odoo/openerp Solution is beneficial for you?

• Lean and agile processes with more speed and accuracy
– Fast estimation: process oriented approach, quick inputs, intelligent process steps
– No redundancy, overhead minimized
– Everything as automated as possible

• Fast implementation and low TCO
– Unique all-in-one package for standard implementation
– Conforming to standards you secure your investment and reduce cost of ownership

 Why Agapen is a partner of choice?


  • Strong focus on domain centric solution building drives benefit realization after solution implementation
  • Mature offerings across ERP Lifecycle to support clients for ALL ERP needs
  • Proven and certified offerings designed to solve specific business and IT operation challenges


  • Bootstrap workshop for organizational preparedness and effective change management
  • Robust delivery processes with independent quality assurance
  • Delivery framework for AMS certified by ERP
  • Implementation Kits for new implementations and rollouts


  • Business process template repository
  • Re-usable component warehouse of functionality, reports and utilities
  • Provide tools for easy data migration from legacy to ERP
  • Templates for implementation in various verticals
  • Large repository of test case and scripts for various verticals and business process scenarios


  • Running and managing some of the most complex ERP installations (like – Bajaj holographics, Design India, Grail Group etc.)
  • Experienced in delivering services under several engagement models ranging from team sourcing to managed services from offshore
  • Multi-location implementations and rollouts


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